Just had a fascinating conversation with Toby Perkins MP about the independence vote in Scotland. Here’s the key points:


like many, believes that economic chaos might be the consequence of a yes vote: “There will be very significant economic uncertainty and that will effect everyone down the chain. Anyone who deals with businesses based elsewhere in the UK will be directly effected.”

independent convenience retail Toby Perkins MP speaks exclusively to betterRetailing.com

He does, however, admit this chaos is much to do with a lack of planning and complacency by those south of the border: “No had a consistent lead up until a few weeks ago and many politician and businesses assumed that that would be the result. As it has tightened, it has exposed a lack of planning on a number of levels.”

The lottery does indeed appear at risk: “The National Lottery would remain in the UK – whether Scottish retailers would be have the opportunity to get involved is uncertain but they’d be raising money for another county”.

The current Labour shadow cabinet are behind their old boss Gordon Brown’s eleventh hour reform plans: “It would really benefit to local economies and small businesses are always the major beneficiaries when there’s a boost to local economies/“

There is still confidence in the ‘no’ camp: “I’m quietly confident. I spent four days talking to people across Scotland last week and saw some intimidation from ‘yes’ campaigners. I think a lot of people are quietly yes. The nature of the vote means it’s very hard to say.”