Last week Chris Gamm had a letter published by The Times in which he made the case for small retailers regarding Sunday trading. The last of this Summer’s Sundays with extended trading hours for big stores has now past. How did they effect you? With talk about making the removal of restricted supermarket trading hours permanent it is important that you act with some haste.

Retailers need to analyse your Sunday sales for the last 8 weeks (22nd July to 2nd September) and the previous 8 weeks (27th May to 15th July) and compare them to last year. If there has been a reduction in the last 8 weeks sales you really need to bring this to the attention of your local representatives. Write a letter/email to your MP and tell them what the decission to allow supermarkets to open all day has done to you. Add to this your concerns about the future of your business and the value you believe your shop adds to your community. Make sure that you include your address and contact details as MP’s only seem to respond by post.

Follow your letter up with a visit to one of their constituence surgeries. Or even better invite them to visit you at your store. As with any campaign think about writing to your local newspaper or contacting your local TV station. For further support contact the NFRN or ACS who are actively campaigning to stop the Government from changing the legislation.