After what seems like years of electioneering, the British people have spoken and the dynamics of the next Parliament are going to be dramatically different from what went before.

One thing for certain is that forecasts can be seriously flawed, with the only aspect of the Election that the opinion polls got right was the triumph of the SNP.

Following the announcement, Mo Razzaq said: “Congratulations to the SNP for their huge win in the Westminster elections. As a Labour supporter I am sorry to lose Tom Greater."

On Twitter, Amit Patel wrote:

A wide set of opinions is voiced by retailers in our channel, but we need to work with the MPs that each constituency has elected. While none of us get all the policies and legislation that we hope for, we should engage with our local representative in Parliament throughout the next 5 years.

Our channel is confronted by the national issues like crime, regulation, unfair contracts, and tobacco. Therefore, we need to be talking to our MPs about these. We all have local and personal issues that are important to us, which are at least as important to bring to the MPs attention.

We all need to up our game and increase our contact with these people who are our representatives. There are a variety of ways to contact MPs: by email or letter, visiting them at the constituency surgery or inviting them to visit your store. Their contact details will be available on websites such as They Work For You.

If you have never made contact with your MP then make this Parliament the one when you start.