Lib Dems support NFRN fight against retail crime

Ideas floated so far include after-school sports and community centres

NFRN Lib Dems retail crime

The Liberal Democrats have agreed to work with the NFRN to tackle the rising issue of retail crime.

NFRN vice national president Muntazir Dipoti met with party leader Jo Swinson and London Mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita at the Liberal Democrat annual conference in Bournemouth.

He told betterRetailing: “They were in agreement with us about support for small businesses facing the rising threat of retail crime, and said they’ll be working with us on the issue. Siobhan promised to increase the number of police officers in each local ward to two standard officers plus a neighbourhood watch officer.”

Government to help retailers tackle retail crime

Dipoti said Benita believed retail and other crime could be tackled by providing after-school sports and community centres to keep vulnerable children away the causes of escalating crime.

The senior NFRN figure said it was the first time in recent years the NFRN had committed to attending the party’s conference. He explained the decision stating: “The party’s in quite a strong position, they could pick up a lot of seats from both parties.”

The NFRN will also be attending the Labour Party and Conservative Party Conferences over the next two weeks.

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