We’ve been inundated with business over the past few days.

The housing that is being built in the village has really taken off and there have been lots of open days and people coming to view the village. With all of the builders around it’s hard to keep up with the bacon roll orders. It’s been very difficult and very hard work, but we’re enjoying it.

It might be a worry that this was going to be the crescendo and then fall flat, but in about six months there are going to be 60 more houses in the village.

It might not seem a lot but to the village, it’s like increasing London by 25%. And the closest house is just 100 yards away.

I need to start looking to the future, but it hasn’t been a priority – I’ve been caught up in the business of today. But it is important to think about quantities of stock and changes in demographics to your area.

At Christmas I’m going to not only think about what the New Year will bring, but also assess how my stock might change for the new village residents.

Like the housing, the shift in Government could be seen to have a huge impact for retailers in previously strong Labour constituencies. Peter Lilley holds a strong Conservative seat in this area and we knew it wouldn’t change much in the village.

I’m glad to see the back of this drawn-out election. What will be, will be and what affects me affects everyone else.