A bottle deposit scheme akin to Germany’s should be copied in the UK, but made available in public spaces because independents don’t have room for a machine in store, a retailer has told RN.

Dee Sedani, of Londis Etwall in Derbyshire, visited independent store Edeka, in Dusselfdorf, Germany, along with nine other retailers as part of the Association of Convenience Stores’ (ACS) Explorers programme to see the scheme in action. 

In Germany, the bottle deposit scheme is obligatory for all independent retailers. However, Mr Sedani believes the UK government’s plan to force small stores to have a machine isn’t practical. 

“The UK government should have some sort of legislation when it comes to plastic bottle recycling, but my issue is with the space. The Nixdorf machines we saw in Germany were huge and had a 0.5m conveyer belt – we simply don’t have room for something like that,” he said. 

The Explorers is a new ACS initiative which has leading retailers meet to look at new trends and initiatives and learn about them together. The first trip focused on technology visiting the Eurocis exhibition, in Germany.