In this week's Retail Newsagent (with you tomorrow) we report on a move by the department of justice to lift the cap on fines that trading standards can hit retailers with who sell alcohol, fireworks and a range of other restricted products to minors.

This might objectively, on its own, be a good idea (responsible retailers will proudly distance themselves for retailers who repeatedly get caught out), yet it comes just days after chancellor George Osborne – along with Cameron and 120 other Conservative MPs – voted for a £27bn hit on the convenience channel. The plain packs vote is history now, it's coming into force in just 14 months, but it won't be forgotten by retailers so soon.

There's an election within weeks and when Osborne gets to the dispatch box, just a few minutes from now, he's going to have to do a lot more than announce detail-free business rates review to win back the country's store owners.

What'ya got George?

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