Under Jeremy Corbyn, will the Labour Party offer policies which better serve the needs of small businesses?

Jeremy Corbyn needs to convince over two thirds of retailers that his policies will better serve the needs of small businesses.

In last week’s RN poll, 67% of voters said they didn’t believe the new Labour leader and his party would improve their lot.

Yesterday’s conference speech did little to allay their fears. As Tom Gockelen-Kozlowski writes, if you were expecting clarity on Mr Corbyn’s small business policies, you would have come away disappointed. Aside from banking and maternity and paternity pay, details were decidedly absent.

Simon Danczuk MP told RN last week: “For the next chapter of the Labour Party’s history to be a successful one, it’s absolutely critical for us to win over independent retailers.”

The next few months will be crucial for Labour to demonstrate how this will be achieved.

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