Major suppliers are constantly looking to both create and tap into trends with new products. We asked our readers to choose which launches generated the most success. Here is the shortlist of top products

Beefeater Pink

This year, pink gin was the hottest type of product within the booming gin segment, prompting big brands to invest in its growth. Beefeater Pink from Pernod Ricard UK was repeatedly ordered by the highest percentage of retailers that we surveyed, indicating that when it is present on convenience store shelves, it sells well and brings customers back for more.

Did you know?

Beefeater Pink is infused with real strawberries. Earlier this year, the brand filled a London tube station with the scent of fresh strawberries.

Maltesers Buttons

Alongside Truffles, Maltesers Buttons were one of two big launches from the brand this year. While Truffles targeted boxed chocolate, Buttons was launched to cash in on shoppers looking for treats with fewer calories. Out of the products on our list, Maltesers Buttons received the biggest number of listings when it first launched in May this year. Buttons is available in single packs and sharing pouches.

Did you know?

The launch of Maltesers Buttons sparked panic in national press this year when tabloids reported that Maltesers were changing shape. 

Guinness Open Gate Brewery 

Available in Citra IPA and Pilsner, these Guinness Open Gate Brewery lines marked the follow up launches from the same project that launched Hop House 13. The lines aim to target what the brand calls ‘craft curious’ consumers, people that are interested in craft beer but still need the guarantee of a brand to buy it. These lines were the only ones on our list that were stocked by more retailers later on in the year than when they launched.

Did you know?

The brand’s Open Gate project was launched in 2015 as a platform to empower its brewers in Dublin to create new flavours for the brand

Boost Punch Power

This independent exclusive launch marked Boost’s continued investment in sugar-free energy drinks. Pricemarked at 49p, these 250ml cans enabled retailers to offer value sugar-free energy drinks under a brand that is not available in multiples. The company followed this launch with Cosmic Glow, and also carried out sampling activity targeting students at university campuses.

Did you know?

Boost’s strapline is ‘champions of the independent retailer’. It has pledged its products will never be available in supermarkets. 

KitKat Salted Caramel

We asked independent convenience retailers to recommend any products that had performed well this year, which had not been on our original list. KitKat Salted Caramel was repeatedly was named by retailers as a product that was worth restocking. The launch from Nestlé Confectionery followed its Chunky
New York Cheesecake variety last year, which attracted 70% of millenials to buy it again.

Did you know?

Dessert-themed confectionery and bars have been a big trend this year, with big brands such as Alpen launching new flavours.

Rustlers All Day Breakfast Muffin  

Designed to enable retailers to compete with McDonald’s breakfast offer, this launch from Rustlers marks the brand’s move into the morning. With retailers continuing to invest in food to go, many of them capitalising on their earlier opening hours, this product was identified as a strong seller and popular among customers looking for a big, convenient breakfast. The line has an RRP of £1.50.

Did you know?

Microwave snacking is worth more than £120m in sales, with 20% of consumers now buying into the category. 

Vype ePen 3

Available in a variety of colours, British American Tobacco’s closed-system device launched in July and was designed to be an entry-level gadget. Its use of pods provides a convenient way to change between the seven flavours available, without any danger of spilling the liquids. The Vype ePen 3 flavours include Dark Cherry, Crisp Mint and Wild Berries in three nicotine strengths.​​​​​​​

Did you know?

The launch of Vype ePen 3 from BAT followed Imperial Tobacco launching its own closed system, MyBlu, in March. 

Walkers Max Strong

With shoppers expecting more from their nights in, Walkers launched a Max Strong range, which promote that the crisps should be paired with beer. Available in big, bold flavours, such as Hot Chicken Wings, Jalapeno Cheese and Chilli & Lime, the punchy flavours enabled retailers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to increase cross-promotions between beer and snacks. 

Did you know?

Consumers eat savoury snacks with beers 15% of the time they are drinking, with crisps making up more than half of them. 


On the back of three years of double-digit growth in the US, Pladis launched its Flipz brand in the UK, available in Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate flavours. As American confectionery continue to grow in popularity among UK consumers, brands like Flipz enable retailers that stock them quickly to offer something different. The launch also taps into the growth of sweet and savoury snacks.

Did you know?

In America, Flipz is available in a broader range of flavours, such as Caramel Sea Salt, White Fudge, Oreo and Birthday Cake.


Green & Black’s Praline

Retailers stocking Green & Black’s first extension into single bars reported that they are useful in trading up shoppers to a premium confectionery offer. Mondelez launched the bars in two flavours: a Truffle Bar made with dark chocolate and a milk chocolate Praline variety. The brand is growing at 11.1% and benefits from redesigned packaging, which rolled out in August. The products have an RRP of 89p.

Did you know?

The launch of Green & Black’s Praline bar came as the premium singles market boasted growth of 46.7% year on year.