Discounters Aldi and Lidl are experiencing their lowest sales growth in five years, according to Nielsen’s retail performance data.

In the 12 weeks to November 5, Aldi’s year-on-year sales revenue increased by 11.3%, while Lidl’s grew by 5.2%. Combined, the growth figure for both discounters was the lowest since late 2011.

Mike Watkins, Nielsen UK’s head of retailer and business insight, said the slump in growth was partially due to the multiples’ strategies.

“The growth rates a year ago were particularly high due to a period of new store openings, so it’s always harder to maintain growth against that,” he said.

“The supermarkets have had more time to alter strategies to fend off the discounters, particularly Tesco, whose recovery continues swiftly – its 2.3% growth was the strongest in over three years.”