When was the last time you had an 18% pay rise? Because that’s what the Queen is going to get.

Yes, the living wage increase isn’t the same as her Majesty’s £16m pay-out, but it’s such a mega percentage to micro businesses – that’s what I am, not a small business.

You’ll see two beaten up cars in front of my shop, one of which I was given. I’ve had two holidays in 15 years. We’re clearly not making mega bucks, but the Government thinks of us as entrepreneurs and that we can afford this as well as the new pension payments. We’re not all Lord Sugar, Mr Osborne.

I hate to do it, but I am going to look at staff levels. They can’t expect us to get rid of staff – doesn’t that go against the Conservative’s party of business grain? We’ll have to do what we can: rely on family to cut corners or reduce opening hours.

But on matters like this we need to speak out as soon as possible. Not enough of us are banding together or talking to each other – we shouldn’t just rely on associations to speak for us.

I don’t want strikes or to disrupt anyone but we shouldn’t bury our heads in the sand, otherwise more legislation will push us over the edge and it will be our fault.