In the January 12 issue of Retail Express, we speak to three leading retailers about how the rise in the national living wage to £7.20 in April will affect their businesses, and what they are doing to prepare.


Harry Goraya, Nisa Local, Northfleet, Kent

“Non-proactive retailers will either not pay it or put prices up to justify it. We’re analysing what we have

to do. I was looking at taking on more part-time staff, but it may mean the difference between taking on three people and just one. It’s going to be difficult, I don’t want to increase prices and hammer the consumer because my customers are loyal and supportive.”


Ravi-KaushalRavi Kaushal, Premier Burlington News, Chiswick, London

“It’s going to change the way I look at staffing levels. I’ve got no choice in the matter, I feel like I’m being forced into a corner. I’m going to have to look at the hours people work and look at cutting them down. It’s another way
the Government are targeting retailers. They’re not helping us at all.”



Bal Singh, Nisa Local, Great Barr, Birmingham

“The national living wage is definitely going to affect my business. Every retailer that has more than four or five staff is going to have to consider what they’re doing and look at staffing levels. You may have to reduce someone’s hours, someone who was working 12 hours may work eight or nine. It’s something we’ve got to look into, but people need to be prepared for it.”

How can you survive the onset of the national living wage?