The convenience sector is still the worst retail sector for failing to pay its staff a legal wage. 

Out of the 239 businesses named and shamed by the Government for failing to pay the minimum wage, 30 were retail businesses, and 11 of these were convenience stores. While one was the armed forces’ NAFFI stores on bases, the other 10 were all independently owned.

In independent convenience stores alone, 47 staff were deprived of nearly £25,000 or £516.33 per person, more than seven times more than the average underpayment per worker.

Also named were discount food retailer Home Bargains, which paid 6,743 staff £272,228.44 less than they should have received. A spokesperson said it had “fallen foul” of the Government’s “interpretation of how the minimum wage rates are calculated”.

At least 33 car washing staff in six Tesco store car parks were also paid under the minimum wage. The sites are operated by franchisees under Tesco’s car washing partner, Waves. The company has repeatedly been found to have sites that break minimum wage laws.

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