A retail consultant and MP supporting the Brexit move claim independents will face less red tape and have more influence to shape UK legislation with a move away from Brussels.

The comments came as prime minister David Cameron last month announced a referendum to determine whether the UK stays with or leaves the EU, with voting due to take place on 23 June.

Employment minister Priti Patel said Brexit could save UK businesses and families as much as £350m every week, which she claimed is being used to fund EU “pet projects”.

“Small businesses are hit hard by red tape from Brussels and by voting to leave the EU they will take back control over these laws,” she said.

“After voting to leave the EU, we can start the process of reforming these costly laws and do more to support small businesses and independent retailers.”

Retail consultant John Hoerner believes a move away from the EU will give independent retailers more authority to convince their MPs to address retail issues such as tobacco legislation.

“The real issue with the EU for independent retailers is that they don’t really have any influence over it, and I think a move away from it would give them more power and cut down on red tape,” he said.

However, wholesale consultant David Gilroy warned leaving the EU could give supermarkets an advantage over independent stores.

“Experts are saying that if we come out, the pound will struggle in the currency markets, which could lead to import costs going up and inflation, which will passed through shops to consumers and could depress demand,” he said.

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