Welsh Assembly members have launched a new report outlining government practices to help micro and small businesses, such as retailers and newsagents.

The report is based on the results of the Supporting Entrepreneurship Inquiry headed by the Cross Party Group on Small Shops, which held several sessions in the Welsh Assembly with industry experts and organisations over the past year.

The document recommends new ways to help existing and future entrepreneurs grow, including support for small businesses training apprentices and a reform of the business rates system to incentivise investment and avoid restricting growth.

Vice-chair of the Cross Party Group on Small Shops Vikki Howells said: “With micro and small enterprises at the heart of the Welsh economy, it is right that we develop the policy environment to really support them.”

Angela Sykes, from Denmore Premier in Denbighshire, welcomed the report: “It’s definitely a good thing, as it helps small business expand. The Welsh Government does a good thing trying to inspire us to use apprenticeships and training, but business rates definitely need to change.”