Retailers have raised concerns over the impact of a no-deal Brexit, amid claims suppliers are stockpiling inventory to prepare for a negative result. 

A RN source, who requested to remain anonymous, said although this will delay the immediate impact on retailers, it isn’t sustainable.

“This isn’t a sustainable long-term solution” they said. “This is just a temporary buffer. The real question is whether retailers will be able to access the same products at the same prices in this scenario, and for how long.”

Meanwhile, Ravi Raveendran, of Colombo Food and Wine in Hounslow, said he is concerned about the impact of price increases on his alcohol sales.

“I don’t think a no-deal Brexit will wholly discourage shoppers from purchasing those foods and soft drinks that may increase in price, but I am concerned about the long-term effect it will have on my alcohol sales,” he said.

“We sell a lot of European beer, so if the stock isn’t coming in due to price increases, then I will suffer a hit.”

However, Mr Raveendran said increases could encourage independents to source more locally. “The only good thing that can come from this is it will encourage retailers and wholesalers to source more locally, and perhaps further afield for vegetables," he said. "I just think there has been a lot of scaremongering going on about Brexit.”

The news comes after the government published 25 documents of guidance for businesses last week, in case the UK leaves the EU with a "no deal".

RN contacted suppliers KP Snacks and Britvic to find out what contingency plans they had in place for a no-deal Brexit, but all declined to comment. 

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