Booker delivery labour shortage crisis

The UK’s unprecedented recent heatwave took a toll on deliveries as retailers experienced delays and caps to their orders. On 18-19 July, temperatures in regions of the UK exceeded a record 40°C. 

Although some retailers reported a boost in chilled and frozen sales, others were hampered by restrictions in their deliveries. 

To protect the quality of products and ensure health-and-safety measures, Booker took the decision to cancel the delivery of frozen products to Budgens and Londis retailers on 18 to 20 July

Premier and Family Shopper, alongside non-symbol customers, were not affected. 

In a customer notice, Scottish wholesaler JW Filshill said: “Due to the very high volumes we are experiencing, there may be delays and changes to your usual delivery days. We are doing everything we can to get orders out. We ask for your patience and understanding.” 

Similarly, Nisa took the decision to cap orders due to the hotter weather. In a message sent to retailers on 15 July, and seen by betterRetailing, the wholesaler said: “Following the prolonged period of warm weather, we have received significant increases in ambient orders this week. 

“The demand has outstripped our capacity to pick and deliver, so therefore we have had to cap orders in as fair and consistent a way as possible.” 

The wholesaler said it would continue to review orders, but anticipated volumes settling below capacity.