Trading standards investigates incorrect pricing

More than 14% of products in medium and smaller stores had incorrect or no pricing

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Independent retailers in Scotland have reported stricter enforcement from trading standards to ensure they are not ripping customers off at the till.

Several store owners said they had recently been visited by trading standards officers, as part of a crackdown on pricing disparities between what customers see on the shelf and at the point of purchase.

One retailer said their trading standards officer had reviewed pricing on 20-to-30 items during a recent visit, and claimed issues were prevalent in one symbol chain due to promotional EPoS pricing not matching what customers see elsewhere in store.

The investigations have been coordinated by the Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland (SCOTSS), as part of a wider clampdown on incorrect store pricing.

In May, Fife Council reviewed the pricing of 4,200 items in 60 stores through spot checks and scans at the till.

More than 14% of products in medium and smaller stores had incorrect or no pricing, while 10% were charged inaccurately at the checkout. Shops found with incorrect pricing were given either verbal or written advice and, in some cases, warnings. Others received follow-up visits.

The enforcement follows complaints from the public about supermarkets and convenience stores not charging struggling consumers fair prices.

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