The Guardian praises local stores and their loyal customers: interview with head of retail and print subs Robert Rattley

The Guardian is promoting HND services through Deliver My Newspaper, and confirmed it would be offering more support via subscriptions and other initiatives

The head of retail and print subscriptions at The Guardian has praised local stores for building loyal customer bases, and highlighted the importance of working with shops to engage readers.

In an interview with Better Retailing, Robert Rattley said: “Customer service and building relationships with your customer base is the most important way to keep readers coming back to stores. Many readers like to shop locally and value the relationship with their newsagents and the routine that going to buy a newspaper brings.”

Rattley spoke about some of the ways in which The Guardian is aiming to support independent stores, with promotional materials and upcoming coverage of events such as the coronation of King Charles III and the Women’s World Cup.

He also reminded shop owners to make sure they always have as many full front pages on display as possible, especially on weekends, when supplements are included or on historic events; and to make sure they have talked to their wholesalers about promotional opportunities, such as Smiths Instore, to make the most of opportunities to engage with audiences.

Speaking about the multiple forms of subscription available from The Guardian, he explained: “We offer a variety of subscription packages, including receiving the paper on the weekend only or seven days a week, so there’s a wide choice to suit all. Our subscription cards can be used by readers who come into the store occasionally and our subscription letters support shop save or home delivery customers.

“If your store is using PaperRound software, the subscription can be loaded to the system and the claim process handled automatically.

“We’ve made it as easy as possible for the retailer without the need to chase payments or manage lots of admin, which benefits retailer and readers.”

The Guardian is promoting HND services through Deliver My Newspaper, and confirmed to Better Retailing it would be offering more support for delivery via subscriptions and other initiatives later in the year. “The Guardian and Observer offer the highest cash margin of any seven-day national newspaper,” Rattley added.

“Undoubtedly, shop save and home news delivery are the best ways to keep readers using your store, and if you can combine that with a subscription, it’s an incredibly successful way of retaining readers and customers.”

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