Shops urged to check defibrillators after device was unable to be used in emergency

Thousands of defibrillators may be unregistered and therefore unknown to emergency services

Defibrillator AED on wall in public space for emergency heart resuscitation UK

Stores that have installed defibrillators have been urged to check their devices are registered, charged and maintained after a device near a shop was unavailable in an emergency.

Fed national vice-president and Blantyre local councillor Mo Razzaq reported that, following a 999 call, the operator was unable to give out the PIN code required for the device to be accessed.

While further details of the incident remain unknown, The Circuit, which runs the National Defibrillator Network, said devices must be registered with them to be added to the map of sites known to emergency-call handlers.

After each time a code is given out or a device is accessed, that device will disappear from this map until it has been checked and restocked by the person or premises responsible, and The Circuit has been be informed the device is again ready for use.

The Circuit claims thousands of defibrillators are unregistered and therefore unknown to emergency services, meaning “chances to save lives are being missed”.

Retailers interested in adding a defibrillator to their store can purchase them from thecircuit.uk, with prices for a device plus an external wall-mounted cabinet starting at £1,800.

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