EXCLUSIVE: Tesco to launch Amazon Go-style checkout-less stores

Retail expert David Gilroy warned that the technology will be a major threat to independent retailers


Tesco is soon to launch its own checkout-less ‘Tesco GetGo Stores’ according to trademarks and other documents uncovered by Better Retailing.

Similar to Amazon Go, the technology allows shoppers to use the Tesco Clubcard app to sign in to stores and walk out with their selected goods, with payment then automatically taken from their linked account.

Trademarks for the new GetGo store brand were filed on 26 July, a month after Tesco chief executive Ken Murphy confirmed plans to roll out a then-unnamed checkout-less technology trial to a site in an “urban location” in the coming months.

Co-op rolls out one-touch cash handling tech to every store

Terms and conditions for Tesco GetGo customers seen by Better Retailing show the stores use “positioning technology” to track what customers “touch, pick up and interact with” and identify the items the customer plans to purchase.

Retail expert David Gilroy told Better Retailing the technology will be a major threat to independent retailers if Tesco decides to embark on an estate-wide rollout. “Tesco has several advantages. It already has an established reputation across the UK and it also has a real estate of shops.

“This will allow it to roll out the technology at a rapid pace. Given the choice, customers will pick the convenience of checkout-less technology.”

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