Telegraph announces nationwide margin increases to stores

Independent retailers who stock the title can earn up to £220 a year for each seven-day customer

The Telegraph has announced it will be increasing retailer margins for its weekday and weekend editions, with no cover price rises to the titles.

From 5 September, for stores located in England, Scotland and Wales, margins on Monday to Friday editions of the Daily Telegraph will increase from 18.3% to 20%. As a result, retailers stocking the title will earn 56p, up from 51.25p.

Margins on Saturday editions will rise from 17.6% to 20%, with new pence per copy up from 61.5p to 70p.

For the Sunday Telegraph, margins will remain at 20.5%. In its communication to stores, the publisher said the move will see each seven-day customer generate over £208 a year in revenue for independents.

In addition, Northern Ireland retailers will also benefit from the terms changes. Pence per copy on weekday and weekend editions will increase, giving retailers the opportunity to earn £220 a year more, for each seven-day customer.

From 5 September, margins on Monday to Friday titles will increase to 20%, generating retailers 60p per copy sold. From 10 September, margins on the Saturday edition of the Daily Telegraph will also rise to 20%, with pence per copy sold up to 76p. Pence per copy sold on the Sunday Telegraph will increase to 55p, with margins remaining at 20.5%.

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