Strong sales for ‘new Prime’ Feastables at Spar 

Spar retailers have described Feastables chocolate bars as “the new Prime”, with several reporting selling out within hours of getting stock on shelves last week. 

The four lines, exclusive to Spar and Asda, are backed by YouTube superstar MrBeast, driving younger shoppers into stores. 

Judith Mercer, of Spar Greenway in Belfast, told Better Retailing that the eight cases of Feastables they ordered were sold out within hours, equivalent to £200 in sales. “We set up the stand at lunchtime, and they were gone by the early evening,” she said. 

Ian Lewis, owner of Crescent Stores Spar in Oxfordshire, told Better Retailing he received a cardboard cut-out for customers to pose with as part of the promotional pack from Spar, which had been very popular. He said: “It has been amazing. Customers are repeat buying, it’s not just a one-off.” 

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Another Spar store reported an influx of calls from customers looking to buy the bars. 

Asked for an update on the brand’s performance in Spar stores, Spar UK trading controller Henry Goodchild told RN sales were “exceeding our expectations”. Social media posts by Spar stores highlighting the lines received hundreds of comments. 

Lewis added: “It’s a different kind of product to Prime, where that was a massive hype. This has been a much more steady flow.” 

This is in part down to more reliable availability of the chocolate bars, according to Lewis and sources at Blakemore. 

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