Stores slam slush machine firm for failing to install machines despite upfront payment

One retailer branded the treatment "absolutely shocking"

Tango Ice Blast

Retailers have criticised slush machine company, Frozen Brothers for failing to install machines and mixing up orders.

The firm is responsible for supplying Tango Ice Blast and Coca-Cola Frozen to convenience, but several retailers told betterRetailing.com it has left them “high and dry” with unfulfilled orders.

Amrit Singh, owner of Nisa Local High Heath in Walsall ordered two additional machines for his store at the beginning of March.

He already has a Tango Ice Blast machine, but wanted to supplement his offering with a Coca-Cola Frozen and Fanta Frozen machine.

“After my initial order, the communication was bad but when the company finally sent an invoice I paid it in full,” he said. “Now I’ve been sent random machine parts and some syrups but I still have no machines or an installation date.”

Singh said he has complained but is yet to receive a reply. It is also unclear whether retailers’ three-year hire terms start from the time of payment, or the time of installation.

“I’ve paid more than £5,000 on-the-nose for these machines,” he added. “I want them to be a point of difference for my store. I have no confidence in this company’s level of organisation and I still don’t have any machines.”

Another West-Midlands retailer, who wishes to remain anonymous branded the treatment to stores as “absolutely shocking”.

“I paid for my Tango Ice Blast machine in early April, but since then I’ve heard nothing back,” they said.

“I’ve received cups and syrups but not the machine. It’s absolutely shocking service. I’ve paid more than £5,000 up front, plus I’ve spent an additional £2,000 in-store to accommodate the machine. I want to start making a return. This company seem very keen to sign up orders but after that you hear nothing from them.”

Frozen Brothers has been approached for comment.


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