‘They mistrusted every Asian postmaster’: Horizon scandal whistleblower claims racism was rife at Fujitsu helpdesk

'All Asians were called "Patels" regardless of surname'

Post Office Horizon scandal trial generic

Post Office’s Fujitsu Support Services-run helpdesk at the height of the Horizon scandal was “toxic”, with widespread racism, a whistleblower claimed last week.

Former Horizon helpline worker Amandeep Singh told the Horizon inquiry of his experience at the Wakefield office from 2000 to 2001: “The floor on these days was most toxic, with vocal characters in Squad A, unchallenged by managers, who looked away as all Asians were called ‘Patels’, regardless of surname. Shouts across the floor could be heard, saying: ‘I have another Patel scamming again’.”

“They mistrusted every Asian postmaster. They mocked Scottish and Welsh postmasters, and pretended they could not understand them. They created a picture of postmasters that suggested they were incompetent or fraudsters.”

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