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PayPoint‘s 28,000+ retailers across the country have been invited to take part in a survey that will allow them to give direct feedback to the company on overall experience and satisfaction, as well as thoughts on how to improve its services.

The annual survey is independently conducted and takes respondents a maximum of 15 minutes to complete. It also offers the chance to win one of thirty £100 Amazon vouchers in return for their time. 

Ben Ford, PayPoint’s retail services director, said: “Each year when we undertake this survey we are inundated with insight and thoughtful suggestions from our retailer network on ways we can continue and improve upon the services that we offer all over the UK. 

“I would really encourage retailers to take advantage of this opportunity to feedback direct to the business. I’ve no doubt that, given the continued challenges and disruption since our last survey there will be a host of learnings they can offer to help us to keep building on the existing quality and value of our products.”

EXCLUSIVE: PayPoint to up retailer charges by 3.9% in April

Last year’s feedback from retailers led directly to the following:

  1. Balance of contract charges
    Balance of contract charges being reduced and simplified when they apply, giving retailer partners a more straightforward understanding of what to expect, and lower cost for the removal of devices and services from stores

  2. Retail relationship managers
    Bespoke Retail Relationship Managers who provide tailored face to face support and training to retailers who offer services such as Counter Cash, allowing them to take advantage of the increased footfall it provides whilst simultaneously offering a vital service to local communities

  3. Retailer rewards app
    Launch of the MyStore+ rewards app to all retailer partners, giving them access to exclusive rewards, category advice, and up to date brand news. This included a partnership with McCurrach, a leading multi-service marketing agency, which launched with exclusive offers enabling retailers to earn up to £29 for simply stocking certain products and scanning them on the app

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