Nisa availability plans outlined by CEO Ken Towle

Nisa has been capping ambient orders to help it manage “significant increases” in demand due to the hot weather.

On 18-19 July, the UK experienced an unprecedented heatwave as temperatures in certain areas exceeded a record 40°C. The heat led to increased demand for chilled products, as some convenience stores reported selling out of some products entirely.

In a message sent to retailers on 15 July, and seen by betterRetailing, Nisa said it had to cap orders to help manage capacity.

It said: “Following the prolonged period of warm weather, we have received significant increases in ambient orders this week.

“The demand has outstripped our capacity to pick and deliver, so therefore we have had to cap orders in as fair and consistent a way as possible.”

The wholesaler said it would continue to review orders, but anticipated volumes settling below capacity.

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