EXCLUSIVE: Publishers switch away from paper vouchers to all-digital payments

Benefits to stores include quicker payment days after a claim is made, timesaving and more security

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Several publishers have confirmed they are now offering stores the chance to convert all delivery customers from paper vouchers to digital. 

The news comes after a trial was launched last year, giving customers the option to pay for their papers using an ‘i-movo’ voucher – a unique code scanned through PayPoint or Payzone and credited directly to the retailer. 

Stores using news-management system PaperRound are also able to be paid directly every week. 

I-movo director David Tymm sent a letter, seen by Better Retailing, to stores last week, informing them that titles from The Guardian and Observer and i News were included. 

“Publishers are very aware that paper vouchers place a considerable burden on newsagents and are keen to support you on this challenge through the conversion to i-movo vouchers,” it read. 

Stores using the PaperRound news management system will also be getting paid directly by i-movo every week after sorting. 

Tymm outlined a list of benefits to participating stores, including quicker payment to stores a few days after a claim is made, timesaving and more security, as there is no risk of vouchers getting lost. 

i news key account manager Paul Bacon commented: “We believe i-movo to be an improvement on paper vouchers for customers and newsagents alike. 

“Retailers will no longer have to manually send back vouchers, and get credited quicker, and bad debts on home delivery accounts are also reduced. Plus there’s no chance of the customer or retailer losing valuable vouchers.” 

The Guardian and the Observer currently operate an Enhanced Margin Uplift for subscriptions issued via subscription cards or digital vouchers, which Better Retailing understands includes i-movo. 

This scheme entitles retailers to an extra 3p per copy, adding up to a total of £254 a year for each customer moving away from paper subscription vouchers. 

“There are a number of reasons why we believe this method is better than paper vouchers for reader, retailer and publisher,” said Robert Rattley, head of retail and print subscriptions for Guardian News & Media. 

“Primarily the process simplifies payment and makes it quicker. 

“It removes huge amounts of administration for all in the chain and makes the risk of lost claims a thing of the past.” 

Rattley told Better Retailing that The Guardian’s recently concluded subscription campaign had been its most successful in more than four years. 

The letter from i-movo was received by selected stores nationwide, and instructed retailers to get in touch with publishers directly, who would then work with them to convert customers. 

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