Morning Star sales increase as industrial action leads to ‘huge opportunity’ for growth

The Morning Star's editor, Ben Chako, said the wave of strikes and 'new activists' could lead to more newsstand copy sales

Financial Times

The UK’s only socialist daily newspaper, Morning Star, saw print sales rise in 2022 and described the current wave of industrial action as a “huge opportunity” to grow sales further. 

In the title’s first price increase since 2019, from 3 January, the title increased daily editions by 10p to £1.30 and weekend editions by 20p to £1.70. Retailer percentage margins were protected in the increase. 

Editor Ben Chako said the rise was necessary to fill a “sales gap’’ left by the Covid-19 pandemic, but said signs were encouraging with print and digital sales rising last year. 

In a positive sign for stockists, Chako said the wave of strikes and “new activists” could lead to more newsstand copy sales, pointing to the title’s 15% rise in print sales following a surge in interest in left wing politics driven by Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader in 2015. 

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