Madic UK developing self-checkouts 

EPoS firm Madic UK, formerly TLM Technologies, is developing new home delivery and self-checkout services for its forecourt and convenience partners. 

The firm’s managing director, Adrian Felton, told RN it has three options of self-checkouts available to stores. He said: “A lot of customers have requested self-checkouts. We’ve got the traditional one, which is set up on a pedestal on the shop floor, and one which can sit on the till. 

“An extension of that is a hybrid system where there’s a 15-inch screen facing the customer. The cashier can stand behind the counter and serve, scan a barcode and then the machine can go into self-checkout mode allowing customers to do it themselves. It gives staff flexibility. Over the next three-to-six months, we’ll have 250 of these going out the door.” 

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Felton added the firm was also having conversations to make more home delivery services available to stores. Last year, Madic struck a partnership with Deliverect, allowing stores to manage multiple home delivery providers from one central service. 

Felton said: “Our customers are talking to other suppliers who provide a similar service. 

“Another development we’re doing is dynamic pricing to set up certain rules for different promotions at breakfast or dinner. It’s about looking a bit further at what we can do to help retailers increase their revenue.” 

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