JTI’s upcoming tobacco and cigarette price rises revealed

Upcoming increases from JTI will put further pressure on a category already under pressure due to the cost of living crisis

JTI is to increase its wholesale and recommended retail prices (RRPs) from 9 January, according to trade notices seen by betterRetailing.

New price lists sent by wholesalers to stores show rises across nearly all the manufacturer’s tobacco products including cigars, cigarillos, cigarettes and roll-your-own (RYO) tobacco.

Cigarette lines analysed by betterRetailing showed recommended RRP rises of between 3.6% and 4.9%. For instance, a pack of Mayfair KS Silver will increase 50p to £10.70. The changes mean the cheapest packs at RRP are £10.70 while the most expensive packs are £14.35.

RYO packs saw some of the largest percentage increases. For instance, Sterling RYO 30g pouches will increase by 90p to £15.55. The cheapest 30g RYO pack is £14.50 while the most expensive is Old Holborn RYO at £19.53.

The change comes amid increasing pressure on the tobacco category from cash-strapped shoppers. A survey of more than 200 convenience stores by Newtrade Insight found it to be one of the two most affected categories by tighter customer budgets.

Store owners often report stocking up on tobacco lines prior to when rises come into effect, essentially increasing the margin on the packs when sold at or above the new RRP.

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