JTI engages with independent retailers

At a recent conference, JTI discussed with retailers the challenges of marketing a new tobacco product

Tobacco rebate scheme

JTI discussed how it can improve relationships and new product trials with retailers during a conference held in London last week. 

The ‘What’s Happening in Convenience’ session on 23 May had panel discussions from ACS chief executive James Lowman, Oxfordshire-based Spar retailer Ian Lewis and Tom Fender, development director at industry analyst TWC. 

Lewis told Better Retailing: “It was great to see JTI engaging with independents. We discussed the relationship between reps and retailers, and the challenges with marketing a new tobacco product.” 

JTI UK sales director Gemma Bateson said: “As part of our commitment to continual improvement, we’re always engaging with, listening to and learning from these partners, so we can improve and provide an even better level of service.” 

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