Jisp reveals 41% rise in brand partnerships

Jisp has seen a 41% boost in brands signed up to the app compared to 2022

Mobile app Jisp has seen a ‘surge in supplier participation’ in 2023, as brands signing up to its scan-and-save features has increased by 41% compared to last year.

Retailers and shoppers can access exclusive discounts through the app’s latest partners, including KP Snacks, Gallo Wines, and Lactalis. These brands will join Jisp’s current portfolio, which includes brands such as Hovis and Suntory.

“Discounting is a key weapon for CPG brands when launching a new to market product, but do brands know which consumers have engaged with their brand and who then go on to make additional purchases?” said Jisp managing director Ilann Hepworth.

Stores to get discounts through Jisp’s new feature

Shoppers are able to scan barcodes in Jisp-partnered stores to receive promotion vouchers and rewards. Conversion rates for voucher download to redemption have reached 98%, with each redemption equalling an acquired shopper. This means brands can gain insight on who is buying their product, where and when. The company issues between 2k to 4k redemptions through Save & Save shoppers.

Jisp shoppers are also sent targeted emails and in-app messages detailing the discounts on offer from partnered retailers.

“Jisp has grown from being a ‘test and learn’ initiative for Lucozade Ribena Suntory in 2022 to a key strategic partner in 2023, as we seek continued growth through stores throughout the UK,” said Jack Honeywell, national account manager for Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I.

“As well as helping us to grow sales to retailers and shoppers, and delivering invaluable insight about who our shoppers are, Jisp has created and delivered outstanding media campaigns that add huge value to the work we do.”

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