HFSS promotions ban

The government has not ruled out the possibility of delaying the upcoming junk-food-promotions ban again to offset the impact of rising inflation. The high fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) legislation due to be implemented in October was originally scheduled for this month. 

However, speaking at the Food & Drink Federations’ Conference this month, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs’ (Defra) secretary, George Eustice, said the government was reviewing a selection of legislative changes due to rising inflation. 

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In direct response to delaying HFSS, Eustice said: “We’re looking at every policy we’ve got. There are some important policy agendas on that one in terms of tackling obesity, but, at the moment, we’re reviewing different polices just to assess whether now’s the right time to make sure we fully understand the impact on prices and the cost of living.” 

The law will limit the placement and promotion, including digital and in-store promotions, of HFSS products, with the aim of reducing uptake of unhealthy products. 

It is estimated up to 50% of convenience stores will need to comply with restrictions on location and display. 

Earlier this month, the ACS wrote to prime minister Boris Johnson calling for a review of the law, in return for more clarity to help stores prepare for the new legislation. 

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