Stores warned of fake parcel-pick-up drivers

An individual attempting to collect parcels on behalf of Evri was turned away by a Fed member recently on suspicion of being an impersonator

Evri parcel services delivery van

Fed members have warned of multiple instances of fake parcel-pick-up drivers attempting to carry out collections from stores. 

Retailers working with UPS confirmed the courier sent an email last week warning of instances of fake drivers visiting stores with scanning devices. Fed member and Sarwal’s News owner Jay Patel from Woking, Surrey, revealed: “We were told we have to check the ID, the uniform and to look out for new faces.” 

Patel added he’d previously been caught out by a fake a driver last summer who successfully stole two bags of Yodel Collect+ parcels due for collection later that day. He added: “Later on, the actual Yodel driver arrived. When I said another driver had already been in, he asked to see a picture of them. The real driver claimed the scammer had been sacked several weeks ago by the firm, but had retained the official sacks.” 

A Yodel spokesperson responded: “Security is of the utmost importance to Yodel and criminal cases like this are extremely rare. Partner retailers are encouraged to confirm drivers’ identification and our electronic driver identification system, shortly being rolled out across our nationwide network, will provide an additional layer of security.”  

Fellow Fed member Steve Wilson, owner of several stores in Galashiels, also confirmed receiving warnings from UPS over fake drivers last week. He told betterRetailing: “It’s not an issue for just one carrier. I’ve heard stores report similar problems happening with others as well.” 

Despite many parcel firms urging stores to check the ID, scanner and uniform of those alleging to be authorised to pick up parcels, it appears Evri’s replacement drivers would not pass these common checks, creating confusion in stores. 

Last week, Fed member Leonie Smethurst, of Smethurst’s in Bolton, said an individual attempting to collect parcels on behalf of Evri was turned away on suspicion of being an impersonator. CCTV of the incident confirmed the driver had no uniform or scanner, and didn’t show an ID when challenged. The driver also arrived to pick up parcels on a day when the store does not normally have pick-ups. 

Asked about Smethurst’s experience, Evri told betterRetailing: “We’re aware of this incident. He was in fact a relief driver. All our regular drivers carry ID and if shop owners have any concerns, they can contact their dedicated Evri representative to verify the driver.” 

Smethurst said her team member attempted to phone Evri to confirm the identity of the person, but “couldn’t get through”. 

A spokesperson for UPS added: “The security of our network and our customers’ packages is an absolute priority. If partners have any doubt about drivers serving their shops, they can ask to see their ID badge, which all of our drivers carry.” 

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