EXCLUSIVE: Expired vape products costing independent retailers thousands

Disposable vapes contain e-liquids with expiry dates ranging between one and two years

Edge vapes

Retailers are losing hundreds of pounds worth of profit on vaping products, as expiring e-liquids are forcing them to cut prices. 

The issue has been reported to betterRetailing by five retailers, who have each had problems dating back to 2021. 

Hardik Patel, of Svarn News & Off Licence in Stafford, said he had to lower the price on £700-£1,000-worth of Edge e-liquids after no rep from the company came to swap out slow-selling lines. 

He said: “It happened about a year ago. My Edge rep had stopped visiting the store and I was given no reason why, despite multiple attempts to contact them. 

“The affected products had about a year’s shelf life on them and they weren’t sale or return either. I was stuck with about 40 different lines across eight-to-nine flavours. 

I had to reduce the price to £1.50 per e-liquid to get rid of them, and I still have a number of products in my stockroom I’ve not been able to sell.” 

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