EXCLUSIVE: Nisa to simplify rebates structure and surcharges

The symbol group's managing director Peter Batt revealed the changes in a video message

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Nisa is to ‘simplify’ its rebates structure and surcharges in a video message from managing director Peter Batt.

The holiday update from Batt, sent to stores late last year thanked partnered retailers for their hard work and promised changes to the symbol group’s rebates system, which includes varying paybacks based on ranging, fascia and weekly spend.

Batt said: “Clearly, you’re looking for firm leadership and a vision for the future, and over the last 90 days I’ve been formulating a plan, listening to all of you so we can shape that.”

He continued: “You talked to me about simplicity and making it easier, whether it’s surcharges or rebates, and I’m looking forward to sharing that with you.”

Since the Co-op’s acquisition of Nisa, the firm has repeatedly promised to simplify its rebate structure. In its initial pitch to Nisa members in 2017, the Co-op said it: “hopes to understand opportunities to improve and simplify the rebate structure.”

In mid 2020, Nisa conducted trials of a new rebate system and a year later unveiled a new ‘Fresh Rewards’ rebate structure which it said was “built on simplicity and fairness”.

However, both of Batt’s immediate predecessors who held the role of Nisa chief executive made comments suggesting the system was still too complex. As recently as August 2022, Mike Fletcher told betterRetailing: “We recognise it has to do more to encourage loyalty and be simpler for partners to understand.”

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