EXCLUSIVE: Lyca Mobile targeting town and village c-stores amid fascia and support investment

The firm's chief sales officer Rob Shardlow stressed that convenience stores are still at the heart of its distribution strategy

Lyca Mobile is targeting partnerships with independent convenience stores in small towns and villages, as it embarks on a programme to refresh co-branded storefronts and improve field support.

The telecommunications firm and SIM card provider currently works with more than 30,000 independent retailers across the UK, an increase of 6,000 over the last 12 months. Lyca Mobile chief sales officer Rob Shardlow told RN it plans to grow to 35,000 stores, targeting areas outside urban locations where it has a strong presence. The firm will operate on an “excellent commission structure” with stores, providing all products, PoS and training.

He added the company has provided more investment into its field support team, as it has been working to refresh Lyca Mobile-branded storefronts with partnered newsagents. This includes a “highly trained workforce” which can visit stores every week to provide products, PoS and staff training.

Shardlow explained: “We very much value the important role independent retail stores provide. Over the past 16 years, the convenience store has been at the heart of our distribution strategy, and that will continue moving forward.

“During this period, we have made available a wide variety of POS material options to suit the differing needs of our channel partners. From full window branding to countertop display units – we seek to accommodate all needs and situations.

“Since our rebrand in 2021, we’ve been working with newsagents to update co-branded storefronts, providing the opportunity to refresh tired or outdated signage. We will continue to design and deliver a range of options, both inside and outside, to keep Lyca front of mind for the retailer and the customer.”

Investment has also been made into Lyca Mobile’s direct sales force. Shardlow said: “More and more retailers can enjoy a direct and personal service from Lyca Mobile. We believe this ‘direct sales model’ is the best for our customers and our channel partners as it guarantees a first-class service for retailers.

Asked about the opportunity for mobile phone SIM cards in convenience stores, Shardlow explained: “While mobile is now a mature market, there are still millions of SIMs sold each year – sometimes to people looking for a better deal and/or a new supplier and sometimes to customers who have recently entered the UK.

“Lyca is perfectly placed with its combination of great value data and low cost international calling. Importantly, the SIM-only market continues to grow as savvy shoppers realise this is the best way to get a great deal.”


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