Track and Trace suspension

Swiss firm Dentsu Tracking is set to take over from De La Rue later this year as track-and-trace system operator.

In confirming the news, HMRC said De La Rue will continue to provide the service until 1 July 2022, when the changeover takes place.

The firm assured users via email last week that their data would be automatically transferred to Dentsu Tracking and that they didn’t need to do anything further. It is expected all data held by De La Rue will be removed by the end of September.

Track-and-trace tool to help return stolen tobacco stock to retailers

Dentsu Tracking highlighted that the system forms an important part of the UK’s anti-illicit trade strategy, helping HMRC to further reduce the circulation of noncompliant tobacco products in the market.

Track and trace, designed to reduce the sale of illicit goods, came into force three years ago and required stores involved in the supply of cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco to register for an economic operator identifier code (EOID).

De La Rue has been responsible for being issuer of the codes from the very beginning. At the time, technical issues plagued the rollout of the legislation, after retailers were hit with various technical issues during the registration process, stopping them meeting the necessary deadline.

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