Day-Today retailer to expand cheesecake business after sweet success

Independent convenience and catering trade businesses have noticed the popularity of the cheesecakes and asked about stocking them for their own customers

A cheesecake business run by a Day-Today retailer in Scotland is to be extended to other stores and catering businesses following its success. 

Asiyah and Javad Jawed had initially sold cheesecakes from Caledonian Cheesecake at their store in Stenhousemuir. The cheesecake firm had been in operation for 10 years before the Jaweds bought the business in April, bringing production into their shop. 

Asiyah Jawed told Better Retailing that other businesses within the independent convenience and catering trades have noticed the popularity of the cheesecakes and asked about stocking the products for their own customers. 

She said: “It’s been a really successful business, and customers like the product. They were quite a well-known business before and had more than 48,000 followers on their Facebook page. They were the first cheesecake company to open in the UK and became popular. Their old customers now come to our shop to get the cheesecakes and they also buy other products when they’re in the store. We’ve started supplying to other convenience stores and restaurants. 

“We go through four-to-five fridges of cheesecake a day, so we go sell a lot. The price is £3.50-£4 per slice.” 

Another Day-Today retailer in Scotland added: “The cheesecakes are good, and what the Jaweds have done is impressive. I’m looking at introducing them in my own store.” 

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