Booker Retail Partners to include vaping purchases in Londis and Budgens Spend & Save rebate scheme

The category will be included in the scheme from 20 February

Booker Retailer Partners (BRP) is to include all vaping purchases in its Spend & Save rebate scheme from 20 February.

The introduction of the category into the tiered loyalty scheme was communicated to Londis and Budgens retailers through a letter at the end of January, seen by betterRetailing.

In it, Booker Group Retail managing director Colm Johnson said: “Vape is fast becoming an important part of every retailer’s offering, so I hope that you will be able to take advantage and further enhance your Spend & Save rebate on vape purchases from BRP and Booker Wholesale.”

The Spend & Save scheme offers Budgens and Londis retailers discounts of 0.5% to 6% every four weeks, depending on how much they spend across seven tiers.

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