All Costcutter retailers who achieve rebates of 3% throughout June, July and August are to have their fuel levy refunded.

The refund of the £4.88 charge was initially applicable to retailers with a weekly spend of £17,500 as part of Bestway’s Platinum Club membership. The fuel levy, which is applied to each delivery, was implemented by Nisa, who has since increased the rate to £9.77 for its own retailers.

Bestway Wholesale retail director Mike Hollis said: “Since our announcement, where we announced that retailers meeting a spend commitment of £17,500 per week would receive a refund for the fuel levy charges as part of their rebate, I have held meetings with many of our retailers and listened to their concerns in respect of their rising operating costs.

Costcutter retailers to get fuel levy refund

“Changes to the minimum wage, National Insurance contributions, cost of living and fuel increases alongside turbulence in the supply chain have all added to the challenges faced by retailers who want to remain competitive in the marketplace to run a thriving retail business and supporting their customers. 

“We are all operating in unprecedented times, and we stand proud with our retailers to ensure they can deliver best value to the consumer.  To this end, I am pleased to confirm that we will support our retailers through these difficult times and absorb more of the fuel levy charges in line with reduced minimum qualifying spend”.

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