Alcohol-advertising ban scrapped

Scottish ministers pledged to scrap the proposals, but warned stores to 'watch their backs'

Scottish ministers have reportedly scrapped their controversial alcohol advertising ban proposals, following pressure from a leading Fed member. Levenhall Village Store owner Ferhan Ashiq attended a roundtable earlier this month, alongside leading supermarkets, producers, and ministers, to discuss the implication of covering drinks behind counters, like cigarettes.

Speaking at the Fed’s Scottish Business Event, he said: “At one point, it was suggested that the legislation targeted areas that are more socially and economically deprived. This really infuriated me and things got quite heated as I took the opportunity to explain how this would affect local shops.”

As a result, Ashiq confirmed ministers had pledged to scrap the proposals, but warned stores to “watch their backs”. “We must hold them to account if this doesn’t happen, as it’s likely that this will come back on us, but more watered down,” he said.

Speaking more widely about being the target of proposed legislation, Ashiq added: “I no longer have the mental or financial capacity to deal with the amount of legislation.

“I don’t know whether my store is going to survive come August when I’ll need to renew my energy contract, let alone think about alcohol or vape bans.”

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