ACS launches site to tackle crime

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) has launched a website that details what every Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in the UK is doing to tackle business crime

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ACS’ newly launched The Business Crime Pledge Tracker includes an interactive map so users can click on their local area to see what the PCC says about tackling crime in the area.   

 In 2021, only 18 out of 42 (42%) of PCCs made reference to business crime in their in their Police and Crime Plans, the ACS revealed, with this rising to ‘almost all plans’ as of 2023.

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ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Police and Crime Commissioners play a crucial role in setting the priorities for local forces. We need all PCCs to make it clear that they take business crime seriously and that retailers can have faith that when they report incidents of theft and abuse taking place in their stores, those incidents will be followed up on properly.”

ACS is calling on retailers to contact their PCCs, asking them to provide more detail about what they’re doing locally to support businesses like theirs.

Mr Lowman continued: “Retailers are dealing with addicts and gangs, stealing to order on a regular basis with no fear of intervention. We’re calling on all retailers struggling with the impact of crime to contact their PCC directly and challenge them on what they’re doing to help.”

The 2023 Crime Report by ACS showed that only 16% of crimes are reported by retailers, with many citing both a lack of confidence in police and follow-up action as reasons why crime isn’t reported.

In addition, the report revealed that 80% of retailers were dissatisfied with the visible presence of police in the community. As the age of respondents increased, the demand for more community policing locally gets higher, the report also found.


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