Industry, consumers and government unite to promote vaping

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The Science and Technology Select Committee’s e-cigarettes enquiry received 80 submissions from trade groups, manufacturers and individuals all looking to guide government policy on the retail of vaping equipment.

The ACS, NFRN, SGF, every major tobacco manufacturer, the Department of Health, Advertising Standards and the UK Vaping Industry Association all had their say, with the majority favouring no further restrictions on the sale of e-cigarettes.

Warning against further changes the NFRN commented: “E-Cigarettes present an important replacement for tobacco” for retailers “trying to maintain profits while supporting health initiatives.”

The Department of Health said current regulations provide safety, quality control and information for consumers and revealed that a campaign in early 2018 by Public Health England will create opportunities for retailers as it further promotes high margin vaping products as a replacement for tobacco.

Opinions were split on the repeal of EUTPD2 e-cigarettes sales conditions such as nicotine limits, with health and government groups generally favouring the restrictions, while industry bodies argued in favour of reversing the conditions.

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By Jack Courtez Avatar
By Jack Courtez 21 Dec, 2017



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