Service to the community – Academy in Action 2019 follow-up

IAA Academy in Action 2019: Service to the Community follow-up

In May, the IAA and Booker visited Arjan Singh-Rhoud to help boost his service to the community and social media presence. Twelve weeks later, we check in on the progress he has made

IAA Service to the Community advice

1. Share photos on social media about your in-store activity

2. Work with local schools on healthy food options and upcoming events

3. Trial a new home delivery service to help vulnerable customers

Arjan’s results 

“We arranged with Booker to donate fruit, snacks and water for a school trip, and are working on ways to support over the coming months. We are posting regularly on Facebook about our community support, which has helped us get noticed and increased sales by £2,000 per week. We’re currently having a refit, and are taking photos so we can show the transformation when it’s complete. We are also trialling a free delivery service to some elderly customers, which is helping us understand them on a more personal level.”

Partner advice

Martyn Parkinson
Brand Director – Premier
Booker Wholesale

“Don’t underestimate the importance of making your shop a part of the community. Whether through social media, events or fundraising, working in the community will increase customer loyalty, sales and profits.”

Drive awareness and loyalty through service to your community

Visit Better Retailing/academy-in-action to find ways to contribute to your local area and see how you can be a part of the next visit programme

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