Responsible retailing – Academy in Action 2021

In part three of our 10-part series, the IAA and Louise Harris from JTI visit Tagtar Singh’s Windsor store to help him with responsible retailing

Responsible retailing – Academy in Action 2021

Being a responsible retailer means keeping up with new legislation that will affect your business.

A retailer who is up to speed on responsible retailing is better placed to prevent crime, which frees them from lengthy interactions with the police, keeps their staff safe and marks their store as a beacon of the community.

Tagtar Singh’s News Food & Wine is a 950sq ft shop on a busy main street in Windsor. The shop has a mixed customer base – some locals, passing trade and students from a nearby college. The bulk of Tagtar’s crime issues stem from underage shoppers trying to buy tobacco, next-gen nicotine products and alcohol.

While he has some ID-related signage, it could be more widespread. He also has a refusals log, but admits it could be better used. Staff keep high-margin products in secure locations, but aren’t trained to spot thieves.

How can the IAA and JTI’s Louise Harris help him run his shop more responsibly?

Why I take part

“As a retailer, we’re responsible for what we sell, and selling age-restricted products to underage shoppers is unacceptable. Recently the lottery age increased from 16 to 18, and so we’re keeping that in mind and regularly check IDs.

“We had a detailed discussion regarding some additional display material and recommendations JTI suggested. We now have a fridge temperature checklist and new ID posters and have moved some items away from age-restricted products.”

IAA advice

Deterring underage shoppers from trying to buy age-restricted products

Tagtar has some signage reminding customers they will be ID’d, but it’s not clear across all his age-restricted products.

How can he help to deter underage shoppers from trying to buy restricted products?

Louise says: “JTI supports campaigns to prevent those under 18 buying age-restricted products, including Challenge 25, ‘No ID, no sale!’ and ‘IDentify’ – JTI’s youth access prevention scheme. We’ve given Tagtar brighter, more apparent signage than he previously had. Anywhere you have age-restricted products, it’s important to ensure age-restricted signs are visible.”

Responsible retailing – Academy in Action 2021

ACTION ➜ Put ‘No ID, no sale’ signage in visible locations to highlight age restricted processes and deter attempts at underage sales.

Displaying age-restricted products around the till responsibly

Managing space is difficult for retailers, with so many different categories to juggle. Tagtar’s counter has vaping products alongside sweets.

How can he better zone his age-restricted products?

Louise says: “There are lots of challenges for retailers in terms of space. We noticed Tagtar’s placed vape products on his countertop close to sweets. It’s about trying to have responsible zoning of his age-restricted products away from his other products on the till to support the ID signs. He’s really receptive of these suggestions.”

Responsible retailing – Academy in Action 2021

ACTION ➜ Make clear distinctions in product zoning to avoid age-restricted products being close to other items.

Giving staff the tools they need to ensure you comply with legislation

Carrying out regular temperature checks for your fridges can help you cut costs and keep products fresh and safe.

What can Tagtar and his staff do to ensure his fridge temperatures are regularly checked?

Louise says: “Tagtar has a sign that says which fridge should be at what temperature, but he doesn’t have an ongoing checklist, so it’s something we’ve agreed that he’s going to implement. We’ve also discussed if he could link completing the checklist to a bonus or prize draw, which would help incentivise his staff and embed these behaviours.”

Responsible retailing – Academy in Action 2021

ACTION ➜ Implement daily temperature checks with incentives to ensure adherence to food safety standards

Partner advice

Tagtar is already doing well in responsible retailing. It was important for us to stress what additional measures he can take to reinforce his position within the local community.

Having lots of signage around will reinforce that he’s responsible, and that will only be better for his business.

Louise Harris
Communications manager

Louise Harris Communications Manager JTI UK

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