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In part four of a 12-week programme, the IAA – and its category partner Coca-Cola European Partners – help retailer David Ramsey improve his in-store ranging.

In part four of a 12-week programme, the IAA – and its category partner Coca-Cola European Partners – help retailer David Ramsey improve his in-store ranging.

The next part of our weekly guide to improving your business with the IAA focuses on the area of ranging. Stocking a mix of bestselling, core, niche and new products across all categories will attract footfall, keep customers in your shop for longer and can increase their basket spend.

Before you get started with the benchmarks on the next page, find out how Tina Childs from Coca-Cola European Partners helped David Ramsey using an action plan based on IAA benchmarking criteria.

David bought his 600sq ft shop, located in the village of Byram near Leeds, five years ago and converted it from an independent newsagent into a convenience store branded under the Best-one fascia. Categories offered in the shop range from chilled and fresh, to soft drinks and confectionery. How can the IAA help improve his ranging?

Why I take part


I really value using expert information provided by major suppliers and wholesalers, and working with the IAA alongside Coca-Cola European Partners can help me make the most of my range.

Our store has been in the local community for years and we’ve established a name and fantastic reputation in that time. Having help and advice provided by an expert can give us some fresh ideas and attract our customers into the shop more often.

IAA advice for David


David’s challenge: Ensuring his core range is strong and reviewing it regularly

David has no passing trade, so he relies on families, school children, the elderly and other nearby residents as his main customers. How can he provide a range which caters for all his different shoppers?

Tina says: “David’s range caters for many different shoppers, but he could strengthen it with zero-calorie drink options to cater for the health-conscious consumer ahead of the impending sugar tax. It’s also important to group product types together to make them easier to shop as customers can be discouraged from buying if it takes too long to find what they’re looking for.”

Action: Add zero-calorie drink options and group product types together to make categories like soft drinks easier to shop.


David’s challenge: Identifying new and niche products to stock

Craft beer and spirits are products David recognises as growing trends. He gets the odd customer asking for craft beer but is unsure of whether it will have a wider appeal. Should he try this new range and where should he start?

Tina says: “There are no other nearby shops selling craft alcohol, so David has a chance to take advantage of this gap in the local market. He should create a core range by researching local suppliers. Craft beer and spirit enthusiasts want an experience when buying. A good way of providing this is to work with nearby suppliers to offer tastings or events.”

Action: Research specialist alcohol suppliers and offer tastings and in-store events to raise awareness of the new range.


David’s challenge: Understanding customer preferences

The nearby junior school provides David plenty of opportunity to maximise food to go sales at three peak times during the day. His coffee and pastry section are positioned prominently, but can he increase sales further?

Tina says: “Food to go is a huge trend which provides David with a massive opportunity to upsell and increase basket spend. He could ask customers what food-to-go items they would like him to sell, as this will increase the likelihood of purchase. He should then move those products to sit alongside his soft drinks to make purchasing easier for shoppers.”

Action: Ask customers what food-to-go items they’d like you to sell, then reposition products for a better shopping experience.


Tina Childs, Category Planning Manager, Coca-Cola European Partners

“David is doing a fantastic job, his store is well presented and he’s thought about his shopper’s needs. However, there are opportunities to add healthier and specialist lines with relevant adjacencies which will help him attract additional spend.”


Create your own shop report

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