Shop layout – Academy in Action 2019

In the IAA’s 10th visit, find out how they and Pernod Ricard UK helped Nottingham retailer Steven Mahal with tips to improve his shop layout.

Shop Layout

Retailers with an effective store layout have designed their shop and displays to make it easier for their customers to buy from them. By signposting throughout the store, shoppers can be guided to key areas, encouraging additional spend.

Before benchmarking, find out how Pernod Ricard UK’s Hayley Barker worked with Steven Mahal to create an action plan to develop his shop layout.

Chingford Stores was the first store Steven and his family opened 12 years ago. Steven now owns five stores in and around Nottingham.

His nearest competition is just a short drive away, but Steven has regular customers in the surrounding areas.

His customer base changes throughout the day, with school children visiting in the morning and workers in the evening. How can the IAA help Steven improve his shop layout and drive sales?

Steven Mahal
Shop Premier Chingford Stores
Location Nottingham
Size 550sq ft
Staff Four part-time

Why I take part

AIA Shop LayoutAs we have other stores, this one has been placed on the back-burner, so we are looking forward to seeing how we can maximise our space and increase sales. One of our main goals is to be convenient for our customers and help meet their needs. I’m hoping this visit will open my eyes to new ideas because, as retailers, we get busy and often miss out on simple things that could result in increased sales.

IAA advice

AIA Store LayoutSteven’s challenge: Equipping his shop with appropriate fixtures and lighting

Steven has overhead lighting, which highlights his grocery and chilled products, but high-priced items are difficult for customers to see. What changes can Steven make to better showcase key categories?

Hayley says: “Whether retailers have plans to expand or not, there are some really simple temporary solutions that can help showcase particular products, such as high-priced items that can’t afford to be missed. Attaching LED strip lights to fixtures is a simple and cost-effective way to highlight key products, such as spirits behind the counter.”

Action: Showcase high-value products by investing in LED strip lights that can be attached to fixtures.

Steven’s challenge: Arranging categories to guide shoppers through their journey

Steven has a frozen meal deal that includes beer, wine or a soft drink, but he struggles to communicate this to customers as these products are located in different parts of the store. What can he do to highlight deals?

Hayley says: “Steven wants to grow his frozen and grocery categories. A great way to do this is by guiding customers to complementary products – wine or a dessert with a frozen meal, for example. Using gondola ends to promote these types of purchases encourages impulse buys and gets shoppers thinking about meal ideas instead of individual items by exposing them to more products.”

Action: Create space on a gondola end near the entrance to highlight the meal deals on offer in store.

Steven’s challenge: Making his layout work for him

Steven’s customers tend to enter the store and head straight for the till, meaning they often miss out on other products he has to offer. With plans to expand his shop, how can he better highlight his categories?

Hayley says: “Any change is an opportunity to improve the customer journey and increase basket spend. Start by considering what shoppers usually buy, and then how you’ll guide them to additional categories. Small changes – such as bringing spirits out from behind the counter, or using clip strips to promote spirits next to mixers – provide inspiration and generate impulse purchases.”

Action: Think of the shopper journey and how you will entice them to visit new categories.

Partner Advice

Hayley Barker
Account Development Executive
Pernod Ricard UK

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