IAA advice

1. Place stickers on meal-deal items to show what products are included.

2. Tailor digital screen promotions to the time of day and use moving images. 

3. Create staff recommendation cards and place them around the store.

Amit’s Results

Putting stickers on meal-deal items was really simple, but has had a massive effect on our sales. The sticker system is really working for us, and we’ve seen meal-deal sales almost double. My team are alerting customers to the meal deal and really upselling it, which customers are responding well to. The staff recommendation cards have also been beneficial to sales and customers are really enjoying them. All the changes suggested were really simple to implement, but are working well.

Partner advice



Loren McErlean 
Commercial Planning and Strategy Manager

“It’s great to see that stickers to help highlight Amit’s meal deals have improved sales. Marketing to customers effectively will result in more shoppers. A few simple changes can see an increase in basket spend.”

Attract new customers

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